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MariaCarla Boscono photographed by Willy Vanderperre for Dazed & Confused Summer 2014

Alek Wek by Sølve Sundsbø for I-D Magazine

Titania and Bottom, Henry Fuseli, 1790

"A Dionysian life task needs the hardness of the hammer and one of its first essentials is without doubt the joy to be found even in destruction."

- Friedrich Nietzsche,Thus Spoke Zarathustra (via kaosrekviem)

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Meanwhile in new york….this is Lucy Fer.kisses Inez

Our favorite portrait of @badgalriri for @032c styled by @melzy917 make up by @yadim1 hair by @ursulastephen ! Kisses iv

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Brachystelma gerrardii | ©Lourens Grobler   (Near Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga, South Africa)
Brachystelma gerrardii (Gentianales - Apocynaceae) is a South African plant exceptionally rare, with subpopulations usually consisting of no more than 10 mature individuals. Locally it is considered a threatened species [1].
There are black and blue-green metallic color forms of Brachystelma gerrardii flowers. This black one is common in the more northerly reaches of the distribution area [2].


Rtanj chapel by Zecpec